Introducing Ohioans Against Common Core

OACC-Logo-FBOhioans Against Common Core is a single-issue education advocacy group. Through information and outreach, our goal is to reverse Ohio’s adoption of the national Common Core Standards and the PARCC testing agreement in its entirety. We seek this measure for the following reasons:

  • To affirm the right of parents in their child’s education
  • To restore local control of education
  • To assure the teaching of American values
  • To restore the right of teachers to practice their craft
  • To reduce the power of standardized testing

We believe that children, parents, teachers and taxpayers are best served when education is locally controlled. We believe that officials of all political persuasions have facilitated the destruction of the local and parent led education model by ceding control to special interest groups and central planners. We believe that restoring local control is the most proactive and productive path to improving academic achievement. We believe that only those who have been elected and can be held accountable to the citizens of Ohio should be involved with the education and assessment of Ohio’s students. This is the bedrock of local control and representative governance.

We are not lobbyists, nor are we paid organizers. We are public, private and homeschool parents concerned about the future of our children’s education. Parents and teachers need a voice that politicians hear. Ohioans Against Common Core is one of those voices. Please join us.

You can contact us at to get connected.

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