House Votes to Strip PARCC from Budget!

The calls worked! Tonight on the House floor, we witnessed the power of the individual – dedicated to the cause of liberty – bear fruit. Our just days old Action Item has been executed and won. The House voted affirmatively on an amendment to the budget removing the PARCC assessment references.

As with any potential shift in policy, there will be a multitude of solutions and offers coming from interested parties and organizations. We cannot allow another displacement of legislative authority to occur. Let’s remember what was accomplished with the House vote ~ 1) The PARCC assessment was not adopted via backdoor faux legislation buried in a budget bill and 2) We have sent the Common Core Standards back were they belong, to the legislature, where they can be completely vetted. It is the only means by which Ohioans have a voice and can hold their elected representatives accountable. We must stay focused and diligent as we weave our way through this process.

Stay tuned in at and continue to educate yourself. Stay in contact with your representitives. Accept nothing less than full repeal. Remember, we are in this for the long haul. It’s about our children.  And last but not least…THANK YOU!    Read a pointed analysis of CCS here


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  1. I heard the admendment was rescinded. Is that true and what can we do?

  2. John Tate says:

    How can I help? I just heard Romules Durant on the Radio this morning saying that Common Core is coming to Toledo next fall. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. He touted Federal Standards as if it would be a good thing. We have to stop the dunging down of our children.

  3. Sandra Jakubec says:

    Anthony Wayne Schools Near Toledo have begun incorporating common core and Perrysburg schools are also using common core. And by the way, Romules Durant, according to his interview in the Toledo Free Press, has 4 wall hangings of Obama in his office. Which he state is a testimony to his “deep admiration of the US President

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