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It has been an action packed week! Common Core has become a top story, especially here in the midwest. Indiana Govenor Mike Pence signed the one year pause on Common Core implementation and Kentucky experienced first hand the ramifications of an untested, centrally planned, computer dependent assessment. How can our representatives chance the education of Ohio’s kids to an untested program? If it was really about the standards, why were they adopted before they were written?


House Education Chair, Gerald Stebelton has scheduled a Pro-Common Core presentation to be made by Greater Columbus area superintendents for this Tuesday, May 14th at 4:00 pm, in Statehhouse Mtg Rm 116. Please make sure they hear from you before Tuesday’s presentation.

Please call each of the committee members listed below and ask them the following:

  1. Did you hear that Indiana has put common core on pause to thoroughly vet the standards? National Review Online-Two Moms vs Common Core
  2. Did you hear that four states including Kentucky experienced severe technical problems during online testing including a server crash that will require all tests to be retaken? Washington Post-Severe Technical Problems Raise Concerns Over Online Tests
  3. Did you hear Georgia State Superintendent John Barge warn that Common Core will result in a federal curriculum? Marietta Daily Journal-Common Core Will Bring National Assessment and Federal Curriculum

Legislator switchboard – 800-282-0253

Gerald Stebelton-Chair (very pro-common core), Andrew Brenner, John Becker, Tim Derickson, Bill Hayes, Michael Henne, Matt Huffman, Stephanie Kunze, Kristina Roegner, Marilyn Slaby, Ryan Smith, Andy Thompson


Same action as above – 800-282-0253 

Peggy Lehner-Chair (very pro-common core), Cliff Hite, Troy Balderson, Bill Beagle, Bill Coley, Randy Gardner, Gayle Manning


Senator Grassley and Representative Luetkemeyer each solicited Common Core defunding letters within the U.S. Senate and House.  Neither of our Senators sign on but three Ohio Representatives did and deserve our thanks. Their acknowledgment of this federal intrusion lends credibility to our effort to pause Common Core and vet it through our state legislative process, particularly Rep. Jim Jordan’s. As a former Ohio House member, he is well respected and is a staunch school choice advocate. Representative Luetkemeyer’s letter with signers
Rep. Jim Jordan   202-225-2676
Rep Bill Johnson   202-225-5705
Rep. Brad Wenstrup   202-225-3164


The massive effort to research and educate Ohioans on the implications of Common Core continues. We greatly appreciate your support and ask you to continue to spread the word. The powers that be will always take the path of least resistance. It’s now our job to make that path an exit from Common Core.

Yours In Liberty,


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  1. Guest says:

    So has Ohio adopted this program? or where do we stand?

    • kimhil says:

      Evidently Governor Kasich is going to start Common Core with the 2014
      school year, as many states are. Some states have already started
      on-line testing, with their computer programs stopping in the middle of
      testing, forcing the children to retake their tests; one problem with
      common core seems to be the same as with Obamacare/let’s pass it, then
      see what needs to be done. Many of the common core questions are essay,
      rather than learning basic skills, however some questions are extremely
      advanced for the grade level, making it very hard for the teacher to
      prepare students for testing. Standardized testing seems to be more about passing the test than learning basic principles that teachers want to teach.

  2. kimhil says:

    Common core is to education, what Obamacare is to healthcare. Agenda 21 and common core are related, as Rosa Koire/democrats against common core points out on youtube videos. The word sustainability is abundantly used in Agenda 21, and most likely expected to be seen in the common core essay questions. Sustainability, like entitlements is to “help” the “disadvantaged”, however with common core the liberal lie is extended to countries worldwide. States are getting strongly swayed to support this agenda, they are getting wealth stolen from them, just a citizens are getting wealth, and personal freedoms stolen with Obamacare. Please don’t allow a few greedy wealth stealers’ control the future for our children.

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