Stopping Common Core: A Common Cause UPDATE

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Another weekly recap…so much happened that it was hard to keep up! The truth about the perilous nature of Common Core would not be spreading were it not for all of you seeking the truth about yet another illegal, substandard, unfunded mandate, and passing it onto your family, friends and neighbors.  Well done and thank you. Please keep calling your legislators! Ten states’ along with national stories are below. We are changing the conversation and the direction for Ohio’s children. You are the difference.

C’bus Dispatch: Common Core Will Be a Costly Failure

Cleveland PD: Common Core Standards Under Fire

Marietta Georgia, darn it  The Marietta Daily Journal – Common Core will bring national assessment federal curriculum

State Impact: OH Teachers Union Worried About Common Core Tests

CincyEnquirer: OH Growing Criticism of Common Core

IndyStar: Hoosiers Right to Reject Common Core Examiner:

TN Current Common Core Standards to Change

WKRN: TN Critics Speak Out About Common Core

UnionLeader: NH Common Core Draws Opponents

Daily American: PA Common Core Lessens Local Control

StateImpactNPR: FL Who Supports/Opposes Common Core?

MDJ: Georgia GOP Joins Anti-Common Core Movement

Atlanta JC: Why Are We Rushing Into Common Core Without Field Testing?

AlternativePress: Concern Expressed Over Common Core

ClarionLedger: Mississippi Beware of Common Core Standards

CaffeinatedThoughts: Stop Common Core Rally Reaches 9.7 million Users

WaTimes: Backlash Grows Against State Education Standards

WaTimes: Common Core Hits Another Roadblock

WaTimes: Resistance to National K-12 Curriculum

WaPost: Turmoil Swirling Around Common Core

WaPost: Union Chief  Weingarten Urges Moratorium on Common Core Tests FoxNews: Common Core Facing Criticism

HuffPo: Unions Propose Moratorium on Common Core Testing

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