ROUND 2-Demand A Hearing! Demand the Truth!

Chairman Stebelton has yet to schedule OUR hearing. Please turn the pressure up this week and call every member listed below at least once and Stebelton’s office every day. Share, forward and re-share this Action Alert. Every Ohio child will fall under the control of federal education overlords if we don’t stop them now.

What are Ohio legislators so afraid of…could it be the truth?

The House Education Committee’s Common Core hearing May 14th, showcased the elitists’ abuse of power and sheer contempt for “we the people”.  Not only did the public get shut out of the discussion, we were denied any witness testimony.  So in response to their lack of response, we must all continue to call the legislators below to demand a hearing and to ask…chalkboard lies to truth

What are you so afraid of…special interest pushback…losing federal funding…defending your position…that you were duped?

It is their job to represent us. We must make clear that we are not going away and that we want a hearing before this session ends June 30th. Every Republican on the Education Committee received a comprehensive packet on Common Core which included a fully sourced rebuttal to the Ohio Dept of Education’s “Facts Sheet”.  The lies revealed within this one document should make any legitimate legislator demand a full vetting of CCS. We did the research for them, now demand they give us a hearing!

Gerald Stebelton  614-466-8100
Andrew Brenner*  614-644-6711
John Becker  614-466-8134
Timothy Derickson  614-644-5094
Bill Hayes  614-466-2500
Michael Henne  614-644-8051
Matt Huffman  614-466-9624
Stephanie Kunze  614-466-8012
Kristina Roegner  614-466-1177
Marilyn Slaby  614-644-5085
Ryan Smith  614-466-1366
Andy Thompson  614-644-8728
Speaker Batchelder  614-466-8140
Your Representative
Legislative Hotline  800-282-0253

* Vice Chairman Brenner has proposed sponsoring legislation to end our agreement with PARCC . The problem? Utah’s legislature did just that last August but their SBAC Memorandum of Understanding reads the same as ours with PARCC – the U.S. Dept of Education must grant any departures from the consortiums and Sec. Arne Duncan has no plans to release a “member” state.  That would mean a loss of control. To repeal Common Core and all its tentacles requires repealing its original source, the Race to the Top application agreement and all legislation passed to be in compliance with the Feds’ master plan. The data collection & sharing, PARCC and the Standards are all a result of our Race to the Top agreement.  A complete and full repeal is the only way to detach from this federal leviathan.

Text below was included in last week’s Action Item but bears repeating. They are still chanting their talking points so we must be able to speak truth to power. They work for us.

Top three Common Core untruths –

1) Common Core Standards were a state-led initiative. FACT – Common Core Standards are copyrighted and owned by the National Governor’s Assoc Center (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Language direct from the CCS Public License reads “Attribution; Copyright Notice: NGA Center/CCSSO shall be acknowledged as the sole owners and developers of the Common Core State Standards, and no claims to the contrary shall be made.” We have asked for any records or documents naming Ohio representatives or their contribution to the standards, but as with all CC supporters’ claims, no validating sources exist.

2) Ohio is a local control state, therefore no district is required to adopt Common Core Standards and no district will be required to use CCS aligned curriculum. FACT – Claiming Ohio is a local control state is akin to claiming we are a sovereign state; by law, not practice. We do not, nor have we for decades operated as a local control state. While we all know that to be true, they claim the local districts are confused. So we turned to the ODE’s own School Options Table, which reads it is compulsory for public schools to incorporate state and federal policy within their Instruction Design, stating they are “required to comply with Ohio Operating Standards and minimum standards for curriculum and pedagogy…NCLB…and Ohio Core…”. No wonder local districts are confused. Through the dictate of these clear requirements, the ultimate goal for CCS is outlined in former Supr. Stan Heffner’s, February 2012 ODE presentation. Slide 23 of the State Transition Timeline lists 2014-15 for the completion of “Implementation of local curriculum and instruction aligned to CC and revised state standards”.  In performance based education what gets tested gets taught, period.  Geez, even ol’ Daddy Corebucks himself, Bill Gates knows standards = assessment = curriculum and he says just that back in 2009 before the standards even existed. Proof the agenda is to control education not raise standards.

3) Ohio laws protect student data and privacy. There is no data collection within CCS. FACT – In testimony mimicking propaganda, Mr. Gunlock read from select sections of ORC stipulating the protection of student data, with the intent to cast we non-believers as black helicopter types. With any pretense of protection offered by FERPA obliterated, it is frightening to find Ohio law describing and facilitating just such an abuse. HB290 of the 128th GA was amended by (then) Senator Husted to include this insidious infringement. Resulting ORC 3301.94 (D) states “…The agreements may permit the disclosure of personally identifiable student information to the entity named in the agreement, provided that disclosure complies with FERPA, as amended…”  The devil is in the details, which is particularly prudent to remember when one purports to offer expert testimony.

Keep up the fight!



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