Common Core Textbooks-Agenda Revealed

Common Core aligned textbooks will be hitting classrooms this fall and the videos below give you a disturbing tasteCCS aligned textbook of the overt subversion of parental authority and statist indoctrination…and it begins the first day of 1st Grade. Keep in mind, this is what the Columbus gang is trying to sell us as local control education. Newsflash C-bus – we don’t even have state control as a result of signing away our sovereignty for the chance at $400 million in Race to the Top grants. Education must be directed by parents otherwise our children are nothing more than political collateral. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984.


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  1. Erin says:

    Share this and re-share this as much as you can!!!!! Most parents are completely clueless to what their children are being taught!!! The only way they will know is if this is put out there for them to see. So, share….share…share on every social site out there!!!!

  2. When I taught gifted 7th grade ELA, I incorporated advertising as one of the many forms of persuasion in order to concurrently touch on consumer awareness and as a foil to appropriate methods of persuasion for a variety of purposes. Those lessons discussed “faulty methods of persuasion.” Effective? Yes. But buyer beware. One of the faulty methods was the use of “charged words.” That’s the lesson apparently being taught here but not as a faulty method used in advertising schemes but as a legitimate use of (particularly anger and negativity) emotion “to get what you want.” Evidently the writers of this lesson don’t have their own children and are not versed in child psychology. Those of us who do (did), know that children are taught these lessons early on by their parents who unwittingly teach their children they can get what they want by expressing emotion!

    There is so much more wrong with this lesson. . . .

  3. DJ says:

    How do you find out if your local district is going to adopt the actual textbooks for these tests? Or are all Ohio districts going to use the texts as well as tests? My oldest is only four, and I feel the need to be involved in this as it will certainly affect my education decisions for him. I grew up in public school and loved it. I had hoped my children would also thrive in the same school I went to, but now I’m not so sure.

    • DJ says:

      I see my district says it has implemented common core. I don’t know if that means they are using the actual text as shown here. I guess I need to be in touch with the board to know for sure!

      • Tom Stark says:

        Ask yourself this. if a teacher’s future is based on their students doing well on the assessments used with the Common Core, then would you not be inclined to use the recommended texts and information in your curiculum? The easiest path is usually the one chosen. Why would anyone search and search to sources to illustrate a point in the lesson when it is provided for them with the recommended reading list?

  4. Tom Stark says:

    Much of whetheror not this information is used in the classroom your child is confined to will be determined by what level in your school system has the approval authority for textbooks used in those classrooms. If that approval comes from the state level, the districts have little wiggle room. For example, in WV the “list of approved books” is provided at the state level, with about six choices offered for each subject area. The districts then choose from that list to select a choice of 2 or 3 that teachers can choose. The teachers can also choose “alternative” texts to supplement the primary text. Often teachers use this latter method to avoid a particular textbook with which they have issues. Sometimes that is to the student’s benefit and sometimes, not so much.

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