Love Child of Ohio Educrats and Big Biz…Common Core $tandards

That headline may be satirical but make no mistake, it is very analogous of the public-private partnership behind a brain child that goes by the name Common Core Standards.

The agenda-driven policy makers have aligned with crony capitalists to exploit the legal monopoly that is government education. Under the guise of “education reform,” the social engineers are hard at work violating our children’s civil liberties, privacy, and education opportunities. Our children have been reduced to nothing more than “human capital” (their words) to be trained for the benefit of “community stakeholders,” (words already in the Ohio Revised Code). Our children will now be defined by the 400+ data points that bureaucrats and big business have determined critical to manage their “cradle to career” path and develop a “21st Century workforce” (meeting in the Ohio Senate this week).  Thanks to holes punched in the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), those points will be personally identifiable and shared with not just the federal DOE, HHS & Labor, but with third party “for profits” as well.  While the wonders of Common Core rhetoric runneth over, nowhere in the massive design to nationalize education does one read a reference to the inherent value of the individual child nor of the established parental authority which supersedes the state. It’s all about the collective.  It’s all about control.

Many of us were nearly duped by the misleading propaganda during our initial vetting of Common Core. In fact one of us received a solicitation to join “10,000 Moms United, from Ohio Senate Education Chair, Peggy Lehner. The organization claims to be the end-all-be-all of  “mom approved education reform”.  First of all, no sensible mother approves the sharing of her child’s biometric record.  Second, 10,000 Moms United is sponsored by the Ohio Business Roundtable, the number one lobbying arm behind Common Core Standards in Ohio.  Nowhere on their site or within the email from Peggy Lehner do they reveal that the reforms they support are already in place nor can you find a mention of CCS. No surprise here. Everything about CCS has been covert. The comments and poll results posted on the 10K Moms site would suggest that the majority of those who joined the group have no idea who they have partnered with nor that they are facilitating further entrenchment of CCS. The complaints and polling results reflect parents who are fed up with the regulations, bureaucracy and loss of local control, all of which expand and worsen under CCS.  Lastly, you don’t need to be an Ohioan for too long before you know who and what Peggy Lehner is all about.

As with all public/private partnerships, the real winners are always revealed along the money trail. In the case of CCS, the winners are the centralized control educrats, the U.S. Dept of Education, big business including Bill Gates (Microsoft), Pearson Publishing and of course the campaign coffers of politicians from BOTH parties. The Ohio Business Roundtable’s 2012 education policy summary praises those who essentially bought control along with those who were involved from our statehouse, then-Speaker Husted and then-Senate President Harris. This explains the need by Republicans to dismiss what is apparent to even the shortsighted, which is the parallel of CCS to Medicaid expansion (federal funds upfront for the future expansion and federal control over state programs, massive debt & enslavement to an inferior system). In the case of CCS, the DOE used the Race to the Top competition to coerce cash-strapped states into this federal takeover of education and it delivers the same outcome: citizens lose while the bureaucrats and lobbyists line their pockets.  Not surprisingly, just as the ObamaCare flowchart never mentions the patient; the RTTT Flowchart never mentions the student. That’s how government benevolence works. Those in power pay off political favors at the expense of those they claim to help. But pay no attention to the evidence, lest you forget it’s all “for the children.”

Only one demographic may genuinely claim to know what is in the best interest of their children, and that is parents.  Not collectively, but individually.  As such it is essential to remind our elected representatives whose voice and whose opinion matters most and we must say it loud and clear: “Full Repeal of Common Core” and the federal takeover of education.  If your elected official dismisses you, then they are either benefiting politically and/or financially from Common Core’s implementation, or frankly, they are not bright enough to see the big picture.  Either is unacceptable.  In that case, put their primary challenge on your calendar and shift your support to the legislators who have joined the fight to repeal Common Core Standards in Ohio. Common Core is the shotgun with which the federal government will complete the enslavement of the state schools and nail any family that exercises choice via a private or home school.

This is the hill to die on.

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