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Rep. Andy Thompson introduced the Common Core Repeal Bill today, HB 237.  The bill would halt implementation of Common Core academic standards in the state of Ohio and prohibit the state from using the PARRC assessments or any other assessments connected with Common Core.  Additionally, the bill prohibits the sharing of private student data with any entity that seeks to profit from the data or any entity outside the state with certain exceptions.  We commend Rep. Thompson along with the following thirteen HB237 co-sponsors:

John Becker
Matt Lynch
Ron Hood
Ron Maag
John Adams
Lynn Wachtmann
Kristina Roegner
Rick Perales
Ron Young
Robert Sprague
Peter Beck
Wes Retherford
Terry Boose
HB 237 has been referred to the Education Committee and we expect hearings will begin in mid-September. We will keep you posted on Action Items and the hearing schedule. This is a great step forward but shouldn’t be seen as more than the start of the real work necessary to reclaim our children and our state from the hands of federal overlords. Please pass this information onto your friends and family. Thank you for joining forces with us and demanding accountability. We each have one State Representative and one Ohio Senator; make sure your two votes command representation. Thank you and keep up the pressure!

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  1. rhinobuster says:

    This bill needs to be defeated in every state that values education and freedom. The NEA needs to pay for their support of this terrible bill!

  2. HALLA says:

    My daughter took her first Common Core math test this week, on the Mayan number system. For the first time in her young life, she received an “F”. She doesn’t understand the “symbols”, and the “process” rooted in this Babylonian astology, nor the methodology of Base 10, or converting Base 10 into Base 4…and how can I blame her, since this is not the way the American people have EVER been taught simple addition and subtraction! Worse yet, the only people who have the keys to the kingdom are our goverment officials and the few elite they appoint with lucritive compensation plans! And this is just the tip of the iceburg! After doing my own fact gathering, and research on Common Core this week, I’m more determined than ever that this plan MUST be repealed! Parents, Teachers, and citizens of FREEDOM Amercia MUST take a stand and unite together for the sake our children, before its too late. The Government exists to “SERVE” the American people, not to enslave them with frivolous programs that could send send America much further in debt, while destroying the lives of the next generation….our precious children!

  3. Mark Stevenson says:

    Mid Oct., actually, Oct. 9, 2013.

  4. Shell says:

    My daughter came home very upset about the “new” way math is being taught and she said it makes no cense!! This is wrong in every way!!

  5. Denise Kader says:

    My grandson is developmentally delayed and has an IEP. He will be starting Kindergarten late next year as almost 7 years old. What is going to happen when he has to take these tests? He will not be able to pass them. I don’t know if there are exceptions for learning disabled students. Please quit teaching to the test!

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