Rep. Stebelton hearts Arne Duncan’s RttT$

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Re-posted with permission of Education Freedom OhioPosted on July 29, 2013

Many readers have inquired about Education Committee Chair Gerald Stebelton’s visceral reaction and refusal to hear opposing views about Race to the Top, the program under which Common Core Standards, Assessments & Data Mining were adopted.

This was evident to everyone when he announced to the world that he would fight for this national, top-down progressive approach to education “kicking and screaming.

Turns out he championed the cause from the beginning…

Looks like back in January 2009, Rep. Stebelton, along with Governor Strickland, Dennis Kucinich, Sherrod Brown, Steve Driehaus, Mary Jo Kilroy, Capri Cafaro,  Teresa Fedor and a host of other progressives, ran after the federal carrot and agreed to adopt the standards (before they were written) and federal intrusion as energetically as they did:

“Please sir, may we have some money?  You see Ohio’s broke, and we don’t care what federal strings may adversely affect parents and students down the road.  We deserve rewarded Mr. Secretary, for having one of the “the best education system’s in the nation.’  Oh, but mum’s the word Mr. Secretary, if taxpayers find out, we’ll sell this baby elephant under the guise of replacing our ‘horrible,’ third-world standards with whatever the RttT standards turn out to be…we’ll simply repeat the word ‘rigor’ when describing them.”

No one who “despises” President Obama, let alone understands the fundamental principles of liberty and state sovereignty, can “separate themselves” enough to swallow this federal intrusion hook, line & sinker.  The elitist, condescending attitude of those whose salaries we pay is nauseating.  Let’s just embrace everything the administration does (like Ohio Republicans), as long of course, as the federal government pays for it.

Rep. Stebelton is term-limited, so taxpayers have no immediate recourse to stop him from dragging us down this one-size-fits-all rabbit hole of debt, inferiority and federal control.  In fact, we have no doubt he’ll be rewarded with some position or appointment, even if his legacy ends up being the one who traded Ohio’s “best in the nation” standards with an unproven, untested, experimental “Race to the Middle.

Speaking of rewards, it has also come to our attention that Lou Terhar, who has been lobbying state reps to tow the line on Common Core, is positioning himself to be the next Speaker of the Ohio House.

Interestingly enough, after hearing his wife and State Board President Debe Terhar speak recently, more than one reader has reported that she was originally against Common Core, but changed her position.

Let’s see…Common Core was “officially adopted” in June of 2010 and Mrs. Terhar was elected in November of 2010.  [Kasich-backed] Mr. Terhar was appointed to the Ohio House less than a year later, just a month before [Kasich-backed] Mrs. Terhar was elected State Board President.

So we have a [potential] Mr. Speaker and an [actual] Mrs. President in just two and a half years.  Those of you who know John Kasich, know what is required to gain this type (and rate) of power, so you can do the “fuzzy math” yourselves, ha.

“Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.” ~James Madison

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