This Is What Chairman Stebelton and Team Are Afraid Of – WATCH NOW

| October 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

“The purpose of these standards is that children K-12 be college and career ready. That is it. Nothing more. How shallow. How dehumanizing for our children. How pernicious to our Republic.”

Five minutes. That’s all it takes for Dr. Bonnie Fisher – English and Latin teacher, university supervisor, MAT in classical studies and PhD secondary education, to destroy the pretense and credibility of the Common Core Standards and its supporters. Ohio legislators…consider yourselves warned. The talking points provided to you by Colleen Grady and others will prove no match for the intellect and character of Dr. Fisher or the others who will join her to testify in favor of HB237.

Ohio Representatives, it’s time to step up and serve your constituents. The children of Ohio deserve nothing less.

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  1. Patriot Barnes says:

    Hope she testifies in OH!

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