600+ Ohioans Refuse To Be Dissuaded! – Corrected 11/25*

Stebelton’s behavior is nothing new…and nothing we won’t overcomeAtrium

1) The Common Core Train has left the station – March

2) Three state-wide forums draw 1,000+ concerned Ohioans – April

3) Budget vote on House floor – PARCC reference removed – May

4) Rep. Stebelton insults our concerns with a “dog & pony show” hearing – May

5) Vice Chair Brenner introduces HB181 & HB193 as distractions to a repeal – June

6) Rep. Andy Thompson introduces Common Core Repeal legislation – July

7) Demand for hearings on HB237 – July through October

8) HB237 Sponsor Testimony hearing draws 250+ attendees, Stebelton calls an unprecedented pre-hearing reporter’s briefing in an effort to thwart our undeniable momentum – Oct 9th

9) Promise of “Proponent Only” hearing set for November 20th – Nov 8th

10) Request for Riffe Theatre to accommodate Ohio citizens in anticipation of large turnout – Request denied

11) Request for Atrium with video feed to accommodate Ohio citizens – Request denied

12) *Rep. Brenner’s “we can keep the money” bills receive FOUR hearings each as of Nov 20th. There is no basis for claim that the funds must be returned. As was confirmed in Proponent testimony 11/20, the only “fix” to Common Core is a full repeal.

13) Chairman breaks commitment and solicits for HB237 Opponent testimony for Nov 20th hearing

14) 600+ OHIOANS REFUSED TO BE DISSUADED – CHECK OUT THE “SMALL VOCAL MINORITY” (Vice Chair Brenner’s wife – corrected, originally attributed to Rep. Brenner – describing the concerned Ohio parents and taxpayers who spent the hearing in the Atrium. (Comments here*)They stayed despite a two hour late start, being turned away from the hearing room, no video feed and being shown no respect. Does this pass for representation?? Chairman Stebelton and Vice Chair Brenner need to be called out for their disrespectful conduct.  It appears “the People’s House” is in need of a major “House” cleaning in 2014!

*A correction has been made to original post due to misreporting the place and time of Mrs. Brenner’s tweet. No content correction needed as the tweet was copied to our post verbatim. Given that Mrs. Brenner sent it to @OhioansAgainstCCSS without any provocation it reasons the message was directed to HB237 supporters. Our apologies for the error in date/location and we appreciate the opportunity to correct our mistake.

Make sure those below hear your outrage. Leadership needs to step up to the plate and stop this charade. 





NON-ELECTED HOUSE EDUCATION POLICY ADVISOR – COLLEEN GRADY – She was the gatekeeper at the hearing room door. And yes, she had one of the cushioned chairs inside.  614-466-8110