Governor Kasich signs HB7 making it the first Act of the 131st General Assembly…and great news for Ohio children!

HB7 Safe Harbor for Students provisions:   (press release below)

– Protects students against any 2014-15 PARCC & AIR assessment scores being used for purposes of retention, course credit, or in a punitive manner, at any time in their academic career.

– Allows students to take the high school End of Course exams at anytime prior to graduation.

– Protects districts from loss of funding from enrollment count impact resulting from opt out students for the 2014-2015 school year. Waives the testing participation mandate for students enrolled in state scholarship programs for the 2014-15 school year testing; no loss of voucher or eligibility.

– With the passage of HB7, there is NO reason to subject your child to this inane testing.

Go to today and be a part of the solution.

– We must act while we still can. The latest news on the creepy monitoring of our children should prove to any parent that Common Core’s problems go way beyond the testing insanity. Just this weekend… Pearson Spying on Kid’s Private Social Media Accounts & Superintendent Confirms Common Core’s Pearson Spying on Kid’s Social Media Accounts & Orwellian Nightmare Unleashed on Schoolkids and on it goes.    

Parents, it’s up to us. We must lock arms and reclaim our children’s classrooms, control over our local schools and ultimate authority over our children’s education.

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