ROUND 2 – Cronies and Corporatists to Testify this Week

HB597 Hearings – Round 2

Tuesday, August 26th – 9:00 to 11:00 am with afternoon session if needed – Statehouse, Room 313

Wednesday, August 27th – 9:00 to 11:00 am – Statehouse, Room 313  Updates available here

This week’s hearings will include Proponent, Opponent and Interested Party testimony. Every parent and taxpayer should be aware of the Ohio School Boards Association’s (OSBA) communications sent to all their members urging them to oppose HB597 and to attend the hearings to offer testimony against repeal.  As you’ll read, the OSBA has no respect for its members’ local level deliberations or concerns.  Read emails here and here, and to no surprise there’s the Gate$ influence at the top; National School Boards Association grants.

ALERT – The Cronies and Corporatists will be out in force at this week’s hearings. There’s a lot of influence and money on the line. Please attend and be a presence. And don’t forget to wear your red t-shirt!

RECAP – Breitbart’s, Dr. Susan Berry, wrote an excellent recap of last week’s hearings that includes video of the outstanding testimony offered by Jim Stergios, Executive Director of the Pioneer Institute. 

 “Ohio Legislators Urged to Repeal Common Core Standards” this-weeks-common-core-standards-ap

Excerpt from article – “What’s happening in Ohio is very exciting. HB597 takes a new approach to the repeal and replace effort, with a huge step towards returning control to local districts and utilizing high performing, proven standards,” Huber said. “Speaker Pro Tempore and Rules Committee Chairman Huffman sized it up well within his remarks, ‘…putting aside the process and financial interest debate, what was adopted is a bad product…'”

“With a large Republican majority caucus heading into a general election, the demise of Common Core in Ohio seems imminent,” Huber added. “Why would any politician subject Ohio’s students to a sub-par education program?