Take Action

OK, you’re concerned about Common Core and want to know what to do.

Step 1 – Start by educating yourself with the ODE Fact Sheet below. It is sourced and will link you to information so you can disarm the fact-less talking points circulating among legislators and the education establishment.

Step 2 – Contact your House Representative and find out their position on the Common Core repeal and replace bill, Sub HB597. Download the mobile app, Kill Common Core-OH, for action items, contact lists, latest news links and video to share.

Step 2 – Use the School Board Handout and the Questions Every Public School Parent Should Ask Attend your local board meetings prepared to ask these questions to engage the board as well as the community. Most parents, teachers and board members have no idea what Common Core is all about. Common Core is NOT just a set of standards.

Step 3 – Use the handout links below as a cost effective way to share info at community events, church, sporting events, etc.

Get Educated

Links and handouts to bring you up to speed and help educate others.

HB597 Trifold Flier

What Every Parent Should Know About Common Core-OACC

Questions Every Public School Parent Should Ask

ODE Common Core Facts 4.26.13

School Board Handout

General CC half page handout

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Contact Your Legislators & Governor

Once you’ve gotten familiar with Common Core, please take these actions.

Call the Governor and tell him to get us out now!


Governor John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
Phone: (614) 466-3555

Find Your Legislators


Call your House Representative – See details at “House – HB597″ post on this site’s homepage

Let us know the responses you receive


Other Ways to Help

Print out our HB597 Trifold Flier and pass out to family, friends, neighbors, teachers, school board members and your legislators.