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Ohio’s New Assessments*

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Read how the K-8th fall assessments offer a unique opportunity for parents to turn the tide

The world of Common Core is not limited to inane math and questionable content. Another dark side to Common Core is the incessant testing that our children are subjected to for the purposes of micro-managing their instruction and collecting massive amounts of data. Classroom teaching and personalized instruction is taking a huge hit to make time for various assessments and diagnostic evaluations  that have no academic value for your child.  Teachers are being reduced to mere test administrators and survey collectors that serve to feed the Common Core system and its Fed-approved teacher evaluations and school district report cards.

The fall assessments are particularly concerning, and reveal an adult focused agenda. Who designs an evaluation system that sets up young children for failure?   A system where a child who does poorly on the fall assessments ingratiates the system with a larger growth measurement, which benefits teacher and district evaluations? The fact that failing test scores benefit the education establishment’s food chain should outrage every parent.

And it doesn’t stop there. The fall assessments are developmentally inappropriate, particularly for grades K-3rd.  The length of the tests and the online access are resulting in emotional overload and stress induced ailments, which have been characterized as cognitive child abuse. The career and interest inventories funnel data to ‘for-profit’ entities and further advance this centralized, workforce development model. The excessive assessments also profit the corporate testing regime and the test preparation vendors. They are making a fortune on the backs of our children.

Notice a pattern here?



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Complete Step One of the Parent Pledge to Protect – OPT OUT NOW!

Opting your child out of K-8th grade fall assessments will not affect their academic progression or expose them to possible retention. This effort is exclusive to the fall assessments and the opt out form expires 12/31/14. 

A Summary of Fall Assessment and FAQ’s

*Uh-oh…PARCC Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

The state mandates districts administer the state sponsored tests
There is one annual state sponsored test for 4th-8th grade, two annual for 3rd grade
The state cannot mandate the child take the tests

Kindergarten Readiness Assessments (KRA), Student Progress Assessments (e.g. MAP, many others), and Career and Interest Inventories are currently being administered.

The Third Grade Reading Assessment (OAA) is scheduled to begin Monday, October 6th.

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